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Love to do this.

it won’t let me cancel

it said it was free & then somehow it said “you have now subscribed to a monthly fee of 3.99” and i didn’t press anything

App keeps charging me

I cancelled my subscription right after I downloaded it and it keeps charging me. Make it stop please

Why do I have to go through hoops to cancel

My niece downloaded this game and now I’m trying to cancel and there is so many things to do I just need to know what steps do I need to take to cancel this Subscription for this app


Would be a lot better if it didn’t have a time limit.

Busy player

I swear for me being 24 years old this doggone game keeps me soo quiet it is scary lol but I can take this anywhere and get in my zone. I ♥️♥️♥️ these!!! Don’t bother me I’m playing

Not as good as I remember

The app is okay. But how do I unsubscribe before I get charged?? There’s no where on the app to do so. Do anyone have any suggestions?

Limited even if u pay for the unlimited subscription!!

I really loved the High Lights as a child, my daughter actually loves it which is why I did at least give one star. However, I think it’s terrible that I pay a monthly subscription and she can only do 6 hidden pages and then has to wait another 7 days before she can continue. Why pay for the unlimited subscription if it’s still limited? My daughter is 10 a really takes pride in finishing her stages! It’s a huge let down for kids and after this month is over I will be canceling my subscription.


I didn’t even want to subscribe but it did it anyways and now it won’t let me cancel.

Bought on accident

I can’t figure out how to cancel the subscription. I’m not interested in this app.

Not Free

Either charge for your app so people can see it before downloading or have in app purchases. Don’t allow people to download and be like oh it’s free for 30 days. What a Joke!!!

No stars

I wish I could give you no stars. They slipped in an enrollment fee to start the game then there’s no way to cancel!!!!! I’m going to have to wait for customer service to open to sit on hold and then I’ve heard they still don’t cancel! What a bleepin headache

Fun but somewhat annoying

I do love to play the game. The timed scroll through levels are me favorite! I wish there was a whole game of just those. The annoying part comes in when you’re waiting for the 7 whole days it takes to unlock an new level. Even after paying the monthly fees we are forced to wait :/


Cancel my subscription now!!!!!


This game was listed under free and it’s not. You have to pay for a subscription. It shouldn’t be in the category for free apps. That’s stupid

Less than 1 Star.

A child accidentally downloaded this subscription and I can’t figure out how to get rid of it. Help please

Where is it

I am trying to unsubscribe and there is no way to do it. Horrible game. The puzzles are somewhat fun if all you want to do is find missing pieces. But to pay every month for a game you end up not opening after a week. Wack. And like I said you can’t unsubscribe so they’re taking your money. Never again am I choosing this company. The game vibrates also, I don’t want it to vibrate when I’m trying to be quiet but needs a new layout. Wack settings too

You can subscribe

You can subscribe easy but the time you want a cancel it is a hard way (imposible)...


How do I unsubscribe!?!?!? 😮😮


How do I unsubscribe it charged me and I had deleted the app already. I didn’t even know

Don’t download

If you look forward to buying this then go ahead but if not don’t download

Good app

Its a great app, the only thing that makes it quite annoying is how hard it is to cancel the subscription. It would be great if there was an easier way to cancel rather that having to “google” how to cancel.


Why would I pay for something that I can for free in any doctors office Iv ever been in no thanks I can find all kinds of free hidden objects in the App Store


How do I cancel the free trial

Free should be free

It’s very disappointing when you download a game that’s “free” and you have to pay for it. I’m not paying subscription to play a game. If there’s any charge, first it should say it and second it should be a one time charge.

Where are the puzzles

It says that we are supposed to have 45 puzzles how come I only have two on my game?? So I can only play those and have to buy the rest?? That’s crazy

Unclear about payment

I didn’t realize you had to pay to play when downloaded it downloaded without mention of having to pay and then this pop up came up and said that the payment plan would be accepted but I never agreeded to a payment plan. How do I unsubscribe and not get charged???

Do Not Get This App

They say that it’s free but then when you get the App you’re charged for it & now I’m not able to download any apps because of this so called subscription... I’ve tried some of everything to resolve this but it constantly goes back to my account settings every time because of a billing issue with this app developer. 😡😡😡😡😡 Never Again

How to cancel subscription

When I first downloaded the app, it made it clear just go to settings and cancel subscription. Well now trying to cancel it is a little more difficult. Can’t find cancel subscription anywhere. Help. I have an iPhone

Stop timing me.

I loved the last version without a timer, and 3 stars for getting all hidden pictures without a hint. Give me the old version back!!!

Trying to not get charged

Hello my brother recently downloaded this and I am hoping that I do not have the same experience as the person who commented above. I have also gone to the link you sent and sent an email with my grievances but have not heard back yet. I would very much like just to cancel this please.


I thought this was free app. I need to cancel this now. I can’t figure out how.


How unsubscribe to ur game because they still billing me even though i deleted the game already for a month now. Thank you

How do I unsubscribe

How do I unsubscribe??? Nowhere in the App or website??? You should have that option

Horrible concept

The fact that there is a subscription before you play is the most shady move possible. I just wanted to find hidden objects... really... a subscription for 3 months, lol this is a joke.

This game took my money

I don’t know how to cancel the subscription and I didn’t even click to have it and so now I have to pay😡

Horrible Scam

I accidentally clicked on an ad while scrolling through Instagram. I must have downloaded this is the past, as it opened up. My finger was rested on my home button when it automatically asked me to buy a subscription and then told me my purchase was successful. This was all within a few seconds. They’re asking for sh*t I don’t have to try and cancel it. I’m never going to use this!! I want it off.

How do I cancel my subscription ?

I thought I did this months ago but apparently not? Please advise.

Great app-but new puzzles are not opening

Today, I was suppose to unlock new puzzles. The app loaded and I saw them loading up-when I went back a few minutes later, they were not there. I’ve gone back several times and only twice were they viewable or able to be played. I’ve never had any problems prior to this.

To unsubscribe

I thought I had unsubscribed this app but this was only deleted I don’t want to pay for something that I’m no longer have

Stop charging my card😡😡😡

After I been canceled, I still get charge on my card. Why so?

Makes you pay

Makes you pay real money

Very disappointed

I got an ad for this app. Excited to try it, I clicked on the link and immediately downloaded the app. Eager to start using the app, I open up the app. It asks me for a payment method, which WAS NOT said or shown AT ALL in the advertisement. Very dissatisfied. Fix this.

More Puzzles

Sure wish we could BUY more puzzles instead of waiting sooooo long for new ones!!!!!

Automatically Subscribed Me

I downloaded this app to test out for my classroom. When I opened the app I was somehow automatically signed up for the monthly subscription that costs $4 a month. I did not and do not want to be subscribed to this. There is no where within the app for me to unsubscribe and there is no option on the website either. I have contacted customer service and I am still waiting. VERY disappointed in this situation. Won’t be downloading another highlights app.

Don’t pay for it.

I’m paying the monthly fee and it’s taking 7 days to get 6 new puzzles! That’s ridiculous. So much for the unlimited access.

Don’t do it!!!

Thought it would be fun! But it wasn’t no new puzzles have to wait days to unlock the ones you get and you can cancel the payment and uninstall it but it still take money out of you card and doesn’t give you the chance to not pay after you uninstall it so you have to install to cancel and it just keeps taking money!!!!!


Fun game but it crashes every puzzle.


I downloaded this kids for them to play they managed to purchase the monthly version but now it’s not giving me an option to cancel subscription so until I can get ahold of the correct people I’m stuck paying $3.99 a month

Come on.

This is a pretty cute game, they did a great job bringing the magazines to the mobile platform. But WHY DOES THE APP SHUT DOWN AFTER EVERY PUZZLE WE PLAY. This is obnoxious. My daughter doesn’t want to play anymore! You gotta fix this!

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