Hidden Pictures Puzzles App Reviews

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Like the old version so much better

I don’t like this new version at all, and can’t figure out how to cancel the subscription. I try to log into my account online, since you can’t from the app, to turn off the auto renewal, only to get a message saying they can’t locate my account. The new version is timed games only, no free play. It also is in portrait mode only instead of landscape. I LOVED the older version that they’re no longer adding new puzzles to. I wish this version was as good,

Not Free

Hard to cancel subscription.


If I have to pay for this game then why do I have to wait a week to have more games unlocked??? I WILL be canceling my subscription.


Why is it so hard to cancel this app?!


Not even a very good hidden object game. Half the objects look nothing like what they are supposed to be. Also this game said “Free” when I downloaded it. I didn’t know hey we’re charging my card consistently..

I'd love if I could play it

When I first subscribed to app I had no issues and truly enjoyed the hidden picture puzzles. But for the last 3 months now every time I open the app it crashes. If I delete and re-download it allows me to play for a few min, but then crashes again. I apparently have also been paying for 3 separate subscriptions to this app that I can't even open!

Y’all took my money !

I deleted this app like 2 months ago before the subscription was up & it took a good $20 off my card & I need my money back .

Hidden fee

When downloaded I never knew anything about a subscription. As soon as I add my card to my phone to purchase something else, you all charge me $3.99. Had this app for Android while now and haven't been on it in months. Now I get charged a $3.99 fee I never knew existed 🤔

I love hidden object apps

I don’t even mind paying $3.99 a month for the new weekly puzzles. I do mind that those weekly puzzles rarely show up and months go by without any new puzzles even though you’ve collected the $3.99 each month. Eventually, 5 new puzzles will show up. That’s NOT once a week. The last set wasn’t even once a month.


How do i cancel the app before my trial is up?

Unauthorized billing

Don’t download this app!! They charged me 3.99 when I didn’t even subscribe. I better not be getting a monthly bill. It’s hell to try to unsubscribe. Stay clear!!

It's not free and I have to wait!?

Ok, the gimic....it's not really free. Free trial. Boo. Now the really poopy part....I have to wait a WEEK TO PLAY AGAIN?! Pssshhhh. Shame on you!

Charged me & I don’t even have the game anymore!

I deleted this game at least 3 months ago and it charged me and I don’t even have this on my phone. I deleted it because I already passed the puzzles in less then a month (free trial) so I didn’t want it anymore so why are you charging me for!?




Does anyone know how to cancel the subscription, because if I delete the app it won’t stop charging me.


Y’all need to have more puzzles on here and new puzzles need to download faster.

0 stars

1 Star I think is generous....For sure not a great app I remember these as a kid growing up I loved these magazines...but they really do trap u into paying monthly it really is hard to unsubscribe looks like u literally have to call I can’t find any other way to do so....they have already taken money from my account...I do not ever write reviews I think this is my first time I’ve ever done so...I think that the programmer should really make an easier way for their consumers to unsubscribe if they would like to do so easier than it is now....be a little more honest I think u would go a long way just my opinion if I were the owner of this app I wouldn’t be to happy with how the creators handled building this app it’s hurting ur reputation and u have a great reputation u have been around for years since I was a child and I’m 34 now good luck hope this gets to the right people good luck I’m unsubscribing ASAP I would have done so if this was all handled differently

Can’t figure out how to end my subscription

I’m done using this app and need to know how to end my subscription. The app was fine, but I feel like I’m being trapped into paying it for life.

$48 a year for a kids’ puzzle app?

We are subscribers to the print magazine, so I hoped this might be included... but no. So I thought I would try it for “free,” but you can’t even try it without first agreeing to a $4/month subscription after the trial!! Clearly, they are banking on people forgetting to cancel their subscription. We have numerous, amazing kids’ apps for when we travel... and none are $48!! Pass.


I selected “Get” because I saw this app in best free apps of the week. I teach special needs children and wanted to see if I wanted them to use it at school. HOWEVER(!), upon scrolling farther down, I see that I just subscribed to a paid app with no visible means of getting rid of it! How do I cancel the subscription that I never intended to “Get?” Thanks?

Great game but hard to unsubscribe

I added this to my phone as a good learning game same as I used as a kid and I loved it for my kids but I thought just deleting the app would unsubscribe me because the kids done use my phone anymore but to find out it doesn’t ..now I’m trying to restore it to unsubscribe and now I can’t this is becoming more of a problem then I needed I just seen a new statement for a new charge oh man will I read the fine print next time they ask for a game ..how do i fix this can someone please help

Charging for puzzles?

Why do you have to pay to look for objects? It should just be free. I understand that’s how y’all make y’all money but if all I’m doing is looking for objects everything should be free.


I love your app!!!!?!

Rip off!!!!

This app does not give you an option to unsubscribe. They will continue to charge you. Don’t down load it. Sad

Can’t get update

After having purchased this game over a year ago, I download the most recent update. When I open the game, I am taken to a free trial screen. I pick the option to restore my previous purchase but am told “nothing to restore”. I was charged for the next month subscription. Not happy.

Doesn’t make sense

The game is very obtuse and not intuitive and no instructions are provided. No way my five year old could figure this out. The free trial required a credit card commitment and now I can’t figure out how to cancel.

Horrible and Deceptive App

Can’t cancel the subscription easily. The app is designed so you can’t cancel, yet they tell you it’s easy to cancel when you sign up. Very disappointing.


The game looks to be very fun and I’ve been searching for a game like this to play but I’m disappointed that it cost money every month. That’s ridiculous, why can’t games like this be free I mean seriously I’m not paying $4 a month to play a game that should be free.

Wish I could give it a negative ⭐️

Why would anyone pay a monthly feel to play some dumb game like this.

It’s a fun game, but

It’s not free and I ended up deleting the app, now I can’t unsubscribe. I tried reinstalling the ap and now it won’t let me sign back in. Keeps asking me to subscribe. I’d just like to unsubscribe to the whole thing.

Love it !! ❤️

Great reminds me of my child hood ❤️


It’s so hard to cancel the subscription

Not free, 7 day wait for puzzles

My children and I enjoy finding the hidden objects. Although advertising a free app that isn’t free is not good. On top of that we had it before canceled our subscription, and we the kids got their iPads, we downloaded the app again. Well much to my surprise it changed me for the months in between subscriptions. So instead of being billed 3.99 it was 10$ and some change. On top of the app NOT actually being free you pay for an app that you have to wait 7 days for the next set of puzzles to load! Again the puzzles are fun, but it’s not worth 3.99 a month when my children can’t even get new puzzles but once every 7 days.

I love puzzles but....

I love puzzles but not one where you have to pay monthly and once you finish the 5 puzzles you have to wait 7 days for the next 5 puzzles

Read before you download

I downloaded this “free” app to find out right after I opened it that I would have to pay $3.99 a month subscription to begin. So, technically it isn’t a “free” app.

3 words 15 letters 3 emojis.

Fun Amazing great✊😄✊

Charging my card

Randomly I received a notification that a charge didn’t go through that hidden pictures was trying to charge on my card WITHOUT ANY AUTHERIZATION!!! If I could rate a 0 I would.


I loved getting Highlights magazine as a kid so I got this. Ended up deleting the app and it’s still coming out of my account. Would really love for it to be easier to cancel. Still having trouble with it.

Having trouble canceling subscription

I was just trying to do a free trial but now I’m getting billed for no reason

it won’t let me cancel

it said it was free & then somehow it said “you have now subscribed to a monthly fee of 3.99” and i didn’t press anything

App keeps charging me

I cancelled my subscription right after I downloaded it and it keeps charging me. Make it stop please

Why do I have to go through hoops to cancel

My niece downloaded this game and now I’m trying to cancel and there is so many things to do I just need to know what steps do I need to take to cancel this Subscription for this app


Would be a lot better if it didn’t have a time limit.

Busy player

I swear for me being 24 years old this doggone game keeps me soo quiet it is scary lol but I can take this anywhere and get in my zone. I ♥️♥️♥️ these!!! Don’t bother me I’m playing

Not as good as I remember

The app is okay. But how do I unsubscribe before I get charged?? There’s no where on the app to do so. Do anyone have any suggestions?

Limited even if u pay for the unlimited subscription!!

I really loved the High Lights as a child, my daughter actually loves it which is why I did at least give one star. However, I think it’s terrible that I pay a monthly subscription and she can only do 6 hidden pages and then has to wait another 7 days before she can continue. Why pay for the unlimited subscription if it’s still limited? My daughter is 10 a really takes pride in finishing her stages! It’s a huge let down for kids and after this month is over I will be canceling my subscription.


I didn’t even want to subscribe but it did it anyways and now it won’t let me cancel.

Bought on accident

I can’t figure out how to cancel the subscription. I’m not interested in this app.

Not Free

Either charge for your app so people can see it before downloading or have in app purchases. Don’t allow people to download and be like oh it’s free for 30 days. What a Joke!!!

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